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Join us, June 11 & 12, at Roxy's Downtown for "Love is Love", a musical cabaret looking at love for all. From the first date, to falling in love, and moving into a lasting Marriage/Partnership - lots of fun, including our version of The Newlywed Game with a special Guest Host and our own HOAMC couples - as well as a couple or two from the audience during the show!

Doors Open at 6:30pm with Roxy's yummy food and drink available for our Social Hour.

Show Starts at 7:30pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning with this performance, we will be relaxing our Covid-19 mask policy. With the lifting of the mask mandate, Guests will not be required to wear masks if they have been fully vaccinated. The decision to wear a mask inside the facility will be your choice.

$15 Reserved seats are available by calling 316.708.4837 (not Roxy's, please) for tickets and more info.


Fundraiser at The Hill Bar and Grill

Friday, June 18, 11am to 11pm

The Hill Bar and Grill is donating 15% of your tab to the Chorus

Click below for details and to support the HOAMC by June 15th!

Save the Date 

"Broadway Musicals-Name That Showtune"

October 1 & 2